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    Understanding Christianity  
(Under Development) This programme is designed to help users to understand about the beliefs, history, practice and concepts of the Christian faith. The contents have been developed under the guidance of the noted Christian Consultants, comprising many established Christian scholars from across the globe, from a variety of different Denominations and disciplines. They have approved the narrated script, sourced and advised on images, and appear in a series of video clips throughout the programme to make their own personal contributions. Our aim is to give you a valuable and reliable insight into Christianity, whilst acknowledging that no single programme can hope to cover every facet of such a rich and diverse way of life. At every key point, the narrative is supported by quotations from the Bible. A reference appears on screen to show that a quotation is available. To see these, click on the Bible button at the foot of the page. The verses will be displayed in a pop-up frame.
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